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The role of analytics in the new normal - Dr Dimitris Paraskevopoulos

In this video, Dr Dimitris Paraskevopoulos provides a small taste of the role analytics may play in the new normal. The focus is on three areas, i.e. Marketing and Recommendation Systems, Logistics…

From  Augustin Galatanu on June 5th, 2020 45 plays 0  

Finance in the time of COVID-19 - Professor Thorsten Beck

While banks have not caused this crisis, they will be critically important for economies’ performance during and after the Covid-19 crisis. Over the past few months, monetary and prudential…

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Pandemic and Insurance - Professor Paula Jarzabkowski

This masterclass features Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, an expert in global insurance and reinsurance markets, whose research examines how we can address the protection gap for those without…

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Financial Strategies Companies Adopt in Financial Distress (Part 1) - Professor Meziane Lasfer

In financial health and in relative economic certainty, companies make their main financial decisions, namely investment, financing and the allocation of profits (dividends) reasonably rationally, at…

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Sequence Risk: Whoever Thought the ORDER of Investment Returns Matters? - Professor Steve Thomas

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to dramatic falls in the value of people's pensions and other forms of savings, sometimes of the order of 30-40%.This is especially disastrous if that person is…

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Business and Climate Change - Professor Bobby Banerjee

This video is an introduction to climate change and its impact on the world economy. In this episode Professor Banerjee describes the scientific evidence for climate change and global heating and…

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Behavioural Economics and Social Distancing - Dr Simon Hayley

Behavioural economics is a growing field which brings insights from psychology into conventional economics. In this video, Dr Simon Hayley introduces Behavioural Economics and what it can tell us…

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Business Model Response to COVID-19 - Professor Charles Baden-Fuller

Professor Baden-Fuller argues that organisations need to respond to Covid-19 with a fundamental re-examination of their business model. The Covid-19 crisis is not just a medical crisis, but part of a…

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Making Your Organisation and Supply Chain Resilient and Adaptable for COVID-19 - Professor Manmohan Sodhi

This masterclass recognises there are uncertainties that companies face in today’s environment of Covid-19 and lockdowns in many countries, as well as the resulting secondary risks. As…

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LG01 Introduction to Accounts on the LPC- 2017 Jul 26 09:25:12

An introduction to the accounts modules on the LPC at City, University of London

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